• SGM - G-4 Wash POI

    If you're looking for a lightweight fresnel LED light with remarkable output, feel free to check out SGM's G-4 Wash POI. G-4 Wash has a wide zoom range, qualified color reproduction, accurate color temperature control and low power consumption, making it suitable for any application.

  • The Light Source - MegaBatten

    Looking for quality connector strips that run wiring for both power and data within a pipe?...Check out MegaBatten by The Light Source. Units are in stock and can be custom figured to meet customer specification. Features:
    • Up to 100’ in length, built from 8’, 4’, 32” or 16” lengths with internal splices
    • From 1 to 6 – 20A circuits
    • Powder coated, available in matte black, eggshell white, or custom RAL colors
    • DMX connectors available: 5 pin XLR, 3 pin XLR, RJ45

  • Aquarii - Axceleron

    Aquarii’s Axceleron downlight fixture, is IP20 rated, requires virtually no maintenance and is 60+% less energy per lumen than standard lighting. The Axceleron is ideal for theatres, houses of worship, academic institutions, convention centers, museums and much more.

  • ETC F-Drive LED

    Color integrity everywhere you need it! ETC's award-winning F-Drive LED power system now includes W1 Chroma, a wall-mounted solution for hassle-free connection to Navis 100 RGBW luminaires.

  • Solaris Flare IP

    Solaris Flare IP by TMB! — The BRIGHTEST HD with over 34,000 peak lumens — The HIGHEST HR with unique long-distance throw — Bold beautiful colors and clean whites

  • ERS on a Stand vs. Follow Spotlight

    Your client is looking for an affordable follow spotlight for a short throw distance and does not own any stage lighting equipment. What do you offer? There are follow spotlights manufactured for this very reason. Another solution over the years has been to sell a halogen ERS (ellipsoidal reflector spotlight) with a stand or tripod. Accessories will need to be included to give the ERS the same features as a follow spotlight. In some cases, the ERS package could be more cost-effective than a follow spotlight. But there is a follow spotlight on the market with the perfect solution: Lycian ZOT jr. How does the pricing for a ZOT jr. compare to the ERS on a stand? Lycian ZOT jr.: $995.00 List Price* The ZOT jr. includes an iris, 5-color dichroic glass boomerang (filters installed at the factory), manual fader, (2) independent lenses for zoom optics (12°-20°), yoke, 12’ NEMA 5-15 power cord, and folding tripod. The ZOT jr. is a 240W LED follow spotlight. The spotlight’s quiet fan keeps the fixture cool to the touch. ERS on a Stand: $1885 based on pricing found online* $444 for brand new black 19° ERS (the average of (5) prices from different sites) + $15 for a 575W or 750W lamp + $6 for a NEMA 5-15P (not installed) + $94 for an iris + $384 for a boomerang (excludes gel) + $709 for a follow spotlight yoke (to facilitate pan & tilt) + $80 for yoke & fixture handles + $153 for 3’-5’ stand *Pricing on 1 February 2021 Did you notice the pricing for the ERS on a stand did not include a fader? That means the lighting fixture will be either on or off, and the ERS will be extremely hot to the touch quickly (consequently, the added handles) when it is on with either a 575W or 750W lamp. Plus, the power cord on the ERS is only 3’ long; a NEMA 5-15 extension cable will surely be required. In comparison, the Lycian ZOT jr. is the better purchase, price wise. Now lets compare performance. The following photometrics for the 19° ERS are based on a 750W/115V 300 hr. lamp. At a 40’ throw, the 19° ERS has a beam diameter of 10.4’ and illumination in footcandles of 153. At a 40’ throw, the ZOT jr. has a beam diameter of 8.6’ and illumination in footcandles of 146. At a 60’ throw, the 19° ERS has a beam diameter of 15.6’ and illumination in footcandles of 67. At a 60’ throw, the ZOT jr. has a beam diameter of 12.9’ and illumination in footcandles of 65. The ZOT jr. produces nearly the same amount of foot-candles, while using one third of the power as the 750W 19° ERS, and its LED will last thousands of hours. With all things considered, Lycian ZOT jr. is the best option among the two. It is an energy-efficient follow spotlight with a great price and many features. Why would an ERS on a stand ever be considered?

  • Happy Holidays

  • ETC ArcSystem Pro

    ETC ArcSystem Pro is a family of LED products designed for easy installation, high-quality light, and smooth dimming. Not only does this family have a reputation for producing beautiful light, but does so while saving you money. Due to low energy usage and convection-cooling technology, ArcSystem installations typically see energy savings between 70-90%, with systems often paying for themselves within two to five years.

  • TMB ProPlex IQ Tester LV

    TMB ProPlex IQ Tester LV. Whether in the field or in the shop, the IQ Tester LV allows technicians to monitor and troubleshoot networking infrastructures all within the palm of their hands! It is equipped with a straightforward touchscreen interface and powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery providing hours of use between charges. It truly is an all-in-one handheld network tester!

  • Big Light in a Tiny Package

    Lycian Zot jr:
    - 240 WATT LED
    - Lycian Build Nichrome Iris
    - Fine Focus
    - Cooled by a quiet low volume fan
    - Ships with head inc, connector, power cord, yoke and folding tripod base. Never before has a followspot offered this much light output from a package this small. Quiet and Cool, the Zot jr. LED is perfect for schools, DJ's, Clubs and anywhere a compact fixture is required. Contact Tammy-Lynne in our office for a demo:

  • TMB FloppyFlex

    FloppyFlex Digital Lucent is flexible housed 24V LED tape with multi-pixel control for advanced chasing, programmable scenes, and animated visual effects via FloppyDrive. It features a rich, vibrant color palette available in RGB and RGBW LEDs with a pixel size of 125 mm and an average beam angle of 90°. The minimum front-to-back bend diameter is 50 mm. A black base is standard with a translucent top and visible LED package. Premium, Longer Lasting Silicone Versions available. Applications: Installation, architectural, digital signage, gameshows, arcades, signs, film and television sets, theme parks, bars and clubs, cruise ships, creating words, indirect applications, and scenic elements. For more information on the FloppyFlex or to request a demo, contact our office. Phone: 866-275-5782

  • #WeMakeEvents #RedAlertRESTART

    #WeMakeEvents #RedAlertRESTART to Light 1,500 Buildings in Red on Tuesday, Sept. 1 #WeMakeEvents #RedAlertRESTART and #ExtendPUA represent a major call to action on Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2020, imploring the US Congress to pass the RESTART Act (S.3814) as quickly as possible, offering economic relief to the Live Events Industry, which has been shuttered since March 2020, putting millions of people out of work. Additionally, the movement is to support in their efforts toward the continuation and extension of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance to provide relief to those without work due to COVID-19. For information about joining the event and lighting your building red, please contact:

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