TMB FloppyFlex


FloppyFlex Digital Lucent is flexible housed 24V LED tape with multi-pixel control for advanced chasing, programmable scenes, and animated visual effects via FloppyDrive.

It features a rich, vibrant color palette available in RGB and RGBW LEDs with a pixel size of 125 mm and an average beam angle of 90°.The minimum front-to-back bend diameter is 50 mm. Black base is standard with a translucent top and visible LED package. Premium, Longer Lasting Silicone Versions available.

Applications: Installation, architectural, digital signage, gameshows, arcades, signs, film and television sets, theme parks, bars and clubs, cruise ships, creating words, indirect applications, and scenic elements.

For more information on the FloppyFlex or to request a demo, contact our office.

Phone: 866-275-5782


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