USITT Webinar Series - New@Noon and Forum@Four

Join USITT as they launch two new webinar series - New@Noon and Forum@Four. New@Noon will be similar to USITT's New Product Showcase featured every year at the annual Conference and Stage Expo. Companies who were set to exhibit their latest tech will now take the virtual stage instead to explain what the product is and to answer questions that participants may have. Forum@Four series is about taking selection of curated sessions and translating them to a virtual environment.

These webinars are free to everyone! They will be streamed live on Zoom, as well as on USITT's Facebook page. For Facebook Live, head over to USITT's Facebook page, and the webinar will be the featured video when it goes live.

For more information and a list of upcoming webinars, please click below.

New@Noon and Forum@Four Schedule

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