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October Newsletter



ETC Workshop Training Event - A True Success!

Thank you to all those who attended last week's training event.

It truly was a pleasure having you all here and I think we can all agree

that it was an interesting and informative experience!

Per the instructors, Ted/Doug, this was by far the best group of

participates they've ever encountered throughout their years of training.

Sounds like we make a pretty great TEAM!


"King of the Grill"


Product News


CueSystem, a network of dedicated cue light controllers and outstations from GDS by ETC, is now released for shipping in North America and Latin America. It includes a dedicated PC software application, which provides easy device setup and advanced features such as cue lists and system monitoring. CueSystem software is available as a free download from the ETC website.

Source 4WRD

4WRD Progress Starts Here:

Advance any full-size, tungsten Source Four ellipsoidal to LED efficiency in seconds, and without special tools. Same optics, same accessories, same flexibility as a Source Four fixture. As bright as a 575-watt, extended life HPL lamp. 70% less power, no re-lamping, no-hassle swap out.


Upcoming Events

October 17-23, 2016

Exhibits: October 21-23, 2016

Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, NV

Annual Conference - October 26-30, 2016

Presenter: Gretta Daughtrey

*Friday, October 28th

*9:30AM - 10:45AM


The LED Revolution

This workshop will explore how lighting design is adapting to the changes in technology. We will discuss how LED fixtures have redefined the needs of system infrastructure and the impact on the designer's approach to a project.



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